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Industrial Pest Control


Industrial Pest Control plays a pivotal role in ensuring a pest free environment for all your staff and customers. Vermin, birds, rodents and other pests can cost you thousands of dollars in damages to your stock, equipment and property. Industrial pest control is seldom accomplished by alternative companies as the premises need to be accurately inspected with state of the art machinery that Syd Pest Control acquire.

We aim to prevent the attack from occurring that, in turn might save your stock and a lot of money. Industrial damages tend to be catastrophic for small companies and we aim to clean your industrial premises with low toxicity products that won’t harm staff members but the termites! Our professional pest control team practice integrated pest management methods, which include industries, retail premises and factories locations. Educating and upgrading our knowledge on the latest in pest control techniques and technologies, we confidently build the accurate and effective pest management strategies for your business.


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