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Termites (White Ants)

While most of those creatures can disrupt lifestyles or even cause minor damage to property, few represent any sort of serious threat to homes. Those that do, however, can wreak the type of damage that can quickly engender thousands of dollars in repair costs. They are known as timber pests, and they pose a very real threat to homes in and around Sydney and other areas of New South Wales.

Termites are almost certainly the most well-known timber pests in most places around the Australia. These wood-eating creatures are so destructive that they can destroy a home’s structural integrity in mere months. Subterranean varieties form colonies that can include millions of members, and are particularly adept at finding their way into almost any building they stumble upon.
Once inside, they take up residence within their constructed termite tubes and feast on the timber they find within your home. Because they never venture forth from outside of those tubes – they require the high humidity and heat contained within the structures for their very survival – you have virtually no chance of detecting them by seeing them crawling around the house. Instead they remain undetected, leaving only the telltale signs of their grayish tubes along foundation walls and other entry points.
Homeowners who suspect termite infestation have few options. You cannot rid yourself of these timber pests, and will thus have to contact experts who can comes and assess the situation. Professional pest removers can use technology and other identification methodologies to locate termite colonies, and then rely on interception systems and baiting techniques to lure the insects away from your home’s timber and ultimately eradicate them.
Homeowners in and around Perth are advised to ensure that their homes are properly treated with chemicals and physical barriers to ensure that termites do not have easy access to the structure. Perimeter applications of chemicals can help to ensure that these pests are either diverted away from the home through the use of repellents, or destroyed on contact with the chemical substance. Regular inspections of the home should be conducted each year, to ensure that no infestation has occurred. Remember, a full colony of termites requires only months to ruin the structure of your home!