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Termite Reticulation Systems


A reticulation system is a series of pipes that are installed around the perimeter of the dwelling under concrete paving and garden beds. Once laid, these pipes are injected with chemicals that are slowly dispersed into the soil and deter termites.

Once the system has been installed, which is just after the house has been constructed and before external concreting and gardens have been installed, it can be refilled time and time again protecting your new home or investment for the life of the dwelling.

The chemicals used today can last up to 5-7 years, they are applied to Australian Standards and are the best available. The chemicals are designed to repel termites away from your property making your home safe from termite attack.

Why is Reticulation Termite Management System Available?

  • Can be installed around an existing home and not just new

  • Chemicals kill termites but the system is harmless to you and your family, pets and plants.

  • Altis Reticulation ensures that accurate designed rates of chemical are applied evenly through specially designed emitters.

  • Reticulation greatly decreases exposure to chemicals being pumped after construction is complete.

  • Reticulation allows for the treatment to be replaced/recharged with no unsightly excavation or drilling through concrete.

  • The cost benefit over time is considerable as recharge costs are significantly lower than a drill and trench re treatment.

  • Builders do not need to make special accommodation in the preparation of the construction.

  • 50 year durability of design life.

  • The Altis system has Codemark Certification approval and complies to AS 3660.1 and 3660.2 So why not have an Altis Reticulation System installed on your new home and have peace of mind that you are getting great value and protection for the life of your property.

  • ​SX Reticulation System is chemical resistant pressure pipe with emitter holes at regular spacings. The system is assembled using pressure fittings generally clamps are not necessary as the system should be pumped at relatively low pressure.The pipe is flexible and strong and generally does not require “elbows” for bends, however “end stops”; “connector fittings”