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Expert Pest Inspection for Sydney Properties


Regular pest inspections you will not only keep your property clean but will also manage to retain its full market value. When you are selling your Sydney property and you have proof that it has been through regular inspections, you can be sure that the price will be more than satisfying for you. Furthermore, if you do regular inspections of your office, you can be sure that it is clean and so you will have a greater chance of finding customers. After all, who would want to work inside a building that has Rodents , Spiders or Cockroaches living in their office?


Pest Inspection

Pest inspections are vital for various reasons. First off, they prevent any form of infestation that can result in damages to your home and to your health. Doing them on a regular basis will ensure that you live a long and happy place to work or live in without any problems. Secondly, they can also play a vital role for house sales. An inspection can be of great benefit for you since it will allow you to get the best out of your property no matter what. When potential buyers or sellers see that your property is safe from any form of pest infestation, they will be eager to invest their money into it. This can give you a great advantage over your competition. If you do not have regular inspection then the buyers might try negotiating for a lower price by arguing that they are under the risk of suffering from an infestation from termites. Your options then would be to lower the price or look for another interested party which is not the best way to approach a property inspection that has potential upside value. As you can see there are many reasons why regular inspections should be undertaken.

do you need a pre-purchase pest inspection?

A pre-purchase pest inspection or more accurately a pre-purchase timber pest inspection is an inspection carried out on a property by potential buyers, before purchase. It differs from the standard termite inspection that property owners may have on a property they own, in that it also specifically includes other timber pests including borers, wood decay fungi and mould. The costs in treating for these pests, remedying any prevailing conditions and repairing damage can then be taken into account in negotiations on the property.

These inspections are carried out pre-purchase – before the buyer completes the purchase of the property. This means they are carried out before placing on offer on a property or during the cooling off period. This allows the buyer to re-negotiate the price if required (depending on the findings of the inspection) or even pull out of the deal. If you are bidding at an auction, these inspections have to be carried out before the auction – once your bid is accepted, the deal is closed!

In most situations it is actually optional for a buyer to carry out these inspections, but when you are buying a property for hundreds of thousands of dollars (and often much more!), such inspections are actually vital. It makes sense to spend a couple of hundred dollars on separate quality building and pest inspections, to prevent an investment mistake that may cost tens of thousands or more!

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