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Sub floor Ventilation Sydney


Damp stale air could be slowly decaying your bearers, joists and flooring in your sub floor. Syd pest control has improved the sub floor ventilation of many Sydney homes over the past decade. Termites are attracted to damp areas such as a damp sub floor. We have many solutions for your sub floor ventilation problems, from replacing old terracotta vents with new brass mesh vents to 24 volt electric fans or TT Silent – Mixflow Inline electric Fan , or Solars operated fans come in many sizes. They can move 2500 to 4000 litres of air per minute from your sub floor.

Sub Floor Ventilation service in Sydney wide.

Benefits of Subfloor Ventilation

  • Relief from asthma and allergies and hay fever

  • Cost effectively remove mould and mildew and musty odours forever

  • Very significantly reduce moisture and resulting condensation and dampness

  • Reduce the risk of termites attack by having a dry , moisture free subfloor

  • Have a fresh and clean smelling home that is free from odours

For any kind of your sub floor ventilation problems in Sydney please contact us on: 1800 896 369 .


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