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Syd pest control is a family owned and operated business that services Parramatta and also the greater Sydney area including the Eastern Suburbs and the Western Suburbs. We are fully licensed and insured professionals that only use the effective and environmentally friendly resources.

Our pest control services include everything from general pest treatment and maintenance through to termite inspection and treatment. We provide services to everyone including residential and commercial properties. We know the importance of keeping your families and employees safe from potentially harmful pests.


We offer a full residential & commercial pest control service. Our professional pest control technicians understand how to handle different pests including rodents, wasps, fleas, Bedbugs, cockroaches, Spiders, Ants ,Termites & More . In short, you can trust us whatever the pest problem. We will help you clear your house of any pests without causing any damage to the ecological balance.We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing our customers with professional, friendly, punctual, and cost effective service.

For all your pest control enquires do not hesitate to call 1800 896 369 or Enquire online


Our Pest Control Services in Parramatta :

  • General Pest Treatments  Parramatta

  • Termite Treatments and Inspections Parramatta

  • Pre- purchase Property Inspections Parramatta

  • Thermal Imaging Termite Inspections Parramatta

  • Rat and Mice Treatments Parramatta

  • Bird Proofing and Treatments Parramatta

  • Flea Treatments Parramatta

  • Cockroaches treatments Parramatta

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