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Strata Pest Management


Strata pest control is most important for the property management sector of the real estate industry and facilities managers. That is why you have to find pest control experts who will give you high level of service. This is very important simply because you put your reputation in their hands. Also, the important thing is to hire pest controllers who know all industry standards and regulations, have valid licenses and who give a guarantee on their work. It does not matter if you need a regular service or you have an emergency, real pest controllers will provide professional service and best value for your money in all kinds of treatments.

Strata pest control is used in properties that may need regular treatments for maintaining pest-free and hygienic environment. There are many available programs that can be used in living and working environments. Many of today´s pest control experts use environment friendly solutions which are safe for pets and plants.


Pest control services

  • Residential – apartment block, houses, boats

  • Accommodation – hotels, motels, travel lodges

  • Food industry – cafes, bakeries, restaurants

  • Retail – department stores, shopping centres, supermarkets

  • Entertainment – amusement parks, cinemas, theatres

  • Education institutes – schools, childcare, training centres

  • Healthcare – medical centres, hospitals,

  • Sport facilities – gyms, stadiums, sport clubs

  • Storages – car parks, garages, warehouses

  • Manufacturing – all kinds of factories, workshops

  • Community – churches, parks, retirement homes

  • Public services – emergency centres, government buildings, police stations

  • Other – banks, offices, airports.

Syd Pest Control Sydney is a professional pest management and control service provider that is able to deal with all types of strata pests, efficiently and with 100% discretion. Sydney wide pest controller, all pests including strata pest control, motels and other resting areas, warranty on all work 1800 896 369.


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